Founded in 2012 , Blackbeetle Studio is a young and passionate, design and communication agency that applies signature design to the industrial sphere, merging in the same movement mastery of new technologies and the quest for lightness.

Blackbeetle Studio practise design that knows no limits: using all kinds of instruments, sciences and techniques, industrial as well as artisan production. Their interventions go from domestic equipment to personal accessories, from interior architecture to connected objects, and from scenography to urban development.

Blackbeetle Studio has worked with a lot of firms in the past years including start-ups like Rainbow Chocolate and Pearl Shampoo.

Blackbeetle Studio is totally geared to creation, innovation and prospective research, sharing a far-reaching vision that embraces the evolution of functions and user protocols in phase with the digital revolution.

Blackbeetle Studio is a team of 5 designers specialised in global and product design. With more than 3 years of experience, Blackbeetle Studio explores all the fields of creation through its professionalism and creativity.

The Magnificent Five..