We are creative specialists working together as a multidisciplinary team on the ultimate user experience. Blackbeetle develops strong and onboarding platforms, unique branding and intuitive designs.
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Our Story

Founded in 2012 , Blackbeetle, superb bird-of-paradise, flies away from the bird’s nest in Kanpur looking for new and exciting adventures. We are also nested in Gurugram. From these locations we create user friendly designs and inspiring solutions. At an international level we realize powerful photography, brands, animations, designs. We work together with our customers and always towards a specific targeted goal.

What we do

We strive to develop recognizable identities for organizations, brands and businesses. We set the bar high in digital branding and we create functional design. Timeless interfaces and groundbreaking technology in which the user is key. Together with the customer we come to one effective and clear solution. A creation of strong communication and an outspoken design.

  • Photography

    Delivering high quality ,accurate and attractive images.


Visual effects and graphic motion. Utilized as effective communication tools for products and services.

  • Branding

    Developing identities with distinguishing character. Creating a unique brand experience.

  • Design

    Designing highly functional, unique and stunning platforms for brands, campaigns and activation on an international scale.

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  • Office 2


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