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The dynamics in developing digital media and online applications in particular, have increased to a point where a classic Waterfall approach will no longer suffice. The basic concept behind Scrum is that your activities are based on a fixed overall vision rather than fixed goals and content. This is the approach of Bert.Because the environment is constantly changing, Scrum does not follow a detailed “master plan”, allowing creation of final results organically. This way, you avoid ending up with a final product that —while meeting earlier specifications— unfortunately no longer meets the end users’ actual needs.

Scrum is fast. In our experience, turnaround times are about half those achieved with waterfall. It also encourages a feeling of responsibility for all people involved and improves communication among disciplines. Thus the team becomes much more motivated, and big surprises are prevented. Scrum also allows for far more control over the final result. This all has a marvellous effect on the final quality of the agreed deliverables. Progress monitoring and evaluation are deeply embedded in the Scrum process. Therefore a Scrum team is able to guarantee that a product will be ready within a limited, short timeframe.


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